Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Settled

Ahhhhh, the joy of being home. Tampa is just perfect right now, it is the honeymoon phase I am sure, but all has been perfect since I arrived a few days ago. The weather could not be better, my family is so excited to have me back and my best friend is being the bestest bestie a girl could have! I have unpacked everything, painted rooms, cleaned...HAHAHA...yea right! I wish it was all done, but really today it is all beginning as I sit here procrastinating writing on my blog. But I thought you all needed an update now that I am here!

Things are all unloaded except some things still in my car, but painting my room is just starting today and then the next few days will be spent getting settled in my room. My Dad is coming to paint my room and a couple other rooms in the house. Hollie and I picked out some great paint colors this weekend and bought them at Home Depot (yes, we actually did get some things done this weekend), so we are ready to get things moving so I can be settled.

The weekend was so nice. I spent lots of time with my family and Hollie, of course. I got to hang out with my other besties too, Jen and Julie, and some other really good friends of ours. We popped champagne to celebrate me being home for good, watched movies and just hung out. It was so nice to see everyone. My parents got takeout for dinner last night from one of my favorite places, The Colonnade, and we had a nice time just being together. Usually my parents have going away dinners for me and now it was a welcome home dinner, which I think everyone enjoyed much better, especially Emma! When I arrived at my house Friday afternoon, my Mom had a sign on the house for me with Welcome Home! That is just the kind of cute and fun loving family we are...and frankly, I love that about us. I am just so excited about being able to spend more time with everyone here that I love, it is surreal that I am finally here.

I am not sure when I will be starting my new job because I actually was contacted by the company and they asked me to fill a different position for a little while because someone is leaving and then I will move into this other role over the next year or so. I will be working on the legal side of things at the company now and working with those types of accounts that have gone into bankruptcy or automobile accidents. This is nothing I have experience in, but we are confident with my skills I can learn anything, and I am really actually excited about getting to work with legal issues. I have kind of always thought I would be a good attorney...hmmmmm...haha. So, I will probably be starting work earlier than expected, as I need to train with the person leaving so they make sure I am adequately prepared to know how to perform my job. I cannot wait to start working, but I also was looking forward to some time off, so the company told me I can have a week off after I train with the person leaving to continue getting settled if I need to. Since they offered that up, I may just take them up on that!

I am definitely ready for all the new adventures coming my way!!! But, I must say I am really missing people back in ATL (you know who you are), so a shout out for everyone there and I cannot wait to see some of you soon! Lovees!!!

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