Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have left all of you hanging for quite a while with no blog post. I have been so busy and really have not had much to write about. Right now, I could think of a ton of things to write about, but I am so tired and know I need to get to bed soon for my last day of work tomorrow for a week...YAY FOR VACATION. I am so excited that my vacation is coming...oh the FL Keys, how excited I am for that. I will definitely have to post a little something after my trip so you can see some pics and hear about how wonderful of a trip it better be :-)

I have been visiting with my niece and family almost every weekend since she was born. Some would say I am nuts and a little obsessive for visiting all the time, every weekend, BUT I have been able to help a lot and just love Emma so much. My sister is doing so much better recovery wise (it has been a rough road) and Emma is adjusting to life as best she can right now. She was 4 weeks old this week and really is a smart baby!!! I am not just saying that because she is my niece...she really is smart, been grabbing at things, smiling a lot at you, laughing, and the list goes on :-) For being a month old she is an advanced baby!

I have been so drained lately and things in life have been tough (not that anyone has things easy, I know, but they have been extra tough). I know I am strong enough and will make it through whatever the Lord puts in front of me, but it gets really difficult sometimes and it makes me miss all my close friends and family in Tampa and Bama. I am so lucky to have such a strong support system in ATL that help me through all of my hard times, it means the world to really does. I do not know what I would without my friends here that are like family - and you all know who you are :-) Thank you for all you do!!

I will post more once I am back from what better be a relaxing vacation!! Oh and a shout out to my girl Stephanie whose Bachelorette "Day" is Saturday before I leave for vacation!! We have a full day planned - a brunch, mani/pedi, dinner, and going to some bars...going to have some really good times and make some great memories! I am so excited to celebrate her and she is getting married in 6 weeks...Saturday will be lots of fun and full of shenanigans, I am sure of it!!

Just thought I would leave you all with a little cuteness - Baby Emma (of course)!!!