Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, our family changed forever. I became an Aunt. My sister became a Mother. My brother-in-law became a Father. My parents became Grandparents. My grandmother became a Great Grandmother. One year ago today, Emma Layne came into our lives and blessed my family. She was born at Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, AL into a very loving family who could not wait to meet and love her with all our hearts. Ever since that day, that I remember like it was yesterday, we have all been in love.

Emma is amazing. I never realized how much love could fill ones heart, until she came along. I now often wonder what I did without my niece. I often wonder if I love her this much, how much will I love my own child, immeasurably. My sister and brother-in-law amaze me too. They are wonderful parents, in a world where it is not easy to be parents these days and it is really hard to just make it sometimes. Luckily things have fallen into place for my family. We are all so happy to be together as a family in Tampa, just together. We are realizing this is all we need in life – each other - and our love for one another, especially Emma Layne.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece who turns 1 today, you amaze me & Nanny loves you so much! Here is a slideshow of some of the good times we have had over the past year - enjoy everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010