Sunday, May 1, 2011

Emma Layne

My niece...Emma Layne...she is a pecious angel. Majority of my posts here have been about her & that isn't going to change anytime soon because she is a lot of my world. I get to see her at least three to four times a week and she is the most amazing almost 22 month old little girl I know. I am sure I am a bit bias, but so what?!? We all are when it comes to our loved ones, right?!? She is so smart and it amazes me how I can love something so much...imagine when I have my own child one day! Just need to find the right man for me! Ha...easier said than done!

Emma has been a busy little girl lately with lots of goings on with friends, family & Church & "school" :) She attends a Mother's Morning Out (MMO) program 3 times a week for a few hours a day at our local Methodist Church & she really seems to enjoy that & learns a lot from the program. The rest of the time, my Mom takes care of her, with some help from my Dad as well! Tough job, for sure, not sure how my Mom keeps up with a toddler all day long & my 96 year old Grandmother!! Sheesh - but my Mom is an amazing woman & if anyone can do it...well, she does it! And we will not discount Emma's "Paw Paw" because when he is not at work, he is a huge help to everyone & Emma just adores him. It is really a beautiful thing that our family is so close & how we all help to raise such an amazing little girl.

I do think we could call TLC Network to get a reality show going because it is my Mom, Dad, sister, brother-in-law, Emma (my niece), my 96 year old Grandmother, & 2 Shih-Tzu's & 1 Yorkie living under one is sometimes a zoo & quite entertaining all the time! Then, I stop in & out a lot, which makes it even crazier :) However, the Trice-Stringer-Spotts family knows how to laugh & have a wonderful time just being is our craziness & we love it & wouldn't have it any other way!

Emma & me at Kate Jackson Park - beautiful Spring afternoon! Emma & her Mommy - my beautiful sister :) Emma & her Daddy - so precious!!! Emma ready for night night after reading her books in bed with Mommy & Daddy :)Having fun at the Church Easter egg hunt!She was being shy on Easter Sunday with all of the company we had at the house - but she warmed up pretty quickly!Emma with her Aunt Tori (Jeff's sister)!Adorable with her pig tails! She is growing up so fast!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones...cannot believe tomorrow is Monday already! Have a great week!

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