Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a word I have been thinking about and using a lot lately. There is so much sadness in the world. Poverty, hunger, disease, death, and the list goes on and on. I hate it all and I wish I could take it all away from people, especially my loved ones. Right now, at this very moment, there are 4 people in my immediate / extended family with some form of cancer. It is heart breaking for them and everyone that loves and cares for them. People face that everyday. I have some very close friends with their loved ones sick and dealing with some form of disease. It saddens me and my heart goes out to all of you who are dealing with some form of sadness.

I follow so many blogs of people I do not know that have children that are sick or babies born with hearts that are broken and need lots of repairing - if not a new heart all together. Some of their little bodies are not able to withstand the fight and go to be with our Lord, and it is so sad. It is so upsetting and makes me wonder why? The infamous question. I just wish we could all be saved from sadness. I know we cannot and it is part of life, but I still hope for a world without it. I do find comfort in knowing the Lord is there for those that need Him, including me and my loved ones.

I have been thinking so much lately about being thankful and how I have so many people and things in my life to be thankful for. I complain and moan and gripe just like anyone else does, but there are so many times lately that I reflect on what I am really complaining about...I always think of others out there that are dealing with much more difficult circumstances and it reminds me of how fortunate I am. If I wake up in the morning, I am thankful a new day has arrived and I am still here....I have a job...I have family and friends that love me...I have a roof over my head...and the list goes on of what I have to be thankful for.

Speaking of being thankful...I am especially thankful for my very special niece, Emma :)

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  1. hey girl! I was going to reply back to your comment email but it wasn't set up that way..just wanted to say thanks so much!! I will definitely drink a little something with sugar. My script is for 1000 mg in the morning and 1000mg at night. do you take with breakfast and dinner? shoot me an email if you can! thank you :)